The Most Wildly Expensive Espresso Machine? Of Course it Pays Tribute to Porsche

Espresso machines are never what you would call cheap, but if you invoke the name Porsche, any expensive item can become magically twice as expensive. As is the case with this espresso machine from Super Veloce.

The machine is designed to look like the air-cooled flat-six engine that powered the 993-generation of Porsche 911. It also is made of some materials that you might recognize from actual Porsche press releases: carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum, and even surgical stainless steel. Ooooh.

All of which means that this Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition costs a whopping 10,200 euros. That’s a little more than $11,000 stateside. Truly eye-watering.

To put that price in perspective, that’s more than third the price of an actual air-cooled 993 911 these days. We can only wonder what James Hoffman would have to say about the coffee it makes.

Excuse us while we change career paths to start making vaguely Porsche-related household items to sell.

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