The Honda Prelude Is Back

Are you sitting down, folks? Honda just dropped a bombshell at the Japan Mobility Show, and it’s called Prelude. Feast your eyes on the Honda Prelude Concept, and whoa, Nellie does it look ready for production.

What are the details of this car? We’ll be right up front in saying, for now at least, things are thin. Very thin. The Prelude reveal came at the very end of Honda’s presentation of concepts for the show, and the discussion didn’t include any details regarding the powertrain. Actually, the discussion didn’t include details period, save for a hat tip that that it’s electric and it’s designed to blend electrification and driving pleasure for future Honda fun. Take that as you will.

Gallery: Honda Prelude Concept

While Honda leaves us hanging on information regarding the Prelude Concept, our eyes see a vehicle that doesn’t really look like a concept. The face isn’t too far removed from a Civic, save for the lack of a grille. Body lines are symmetrical but not blocky, and Brembo brakes are visible behind factory-styled 20-inch wheels. There are proper side mirrors in place of cameras, and a thin yet prominent spoiler adorns the fastback. The only aspect that screams concept are the completely black windows, suggesting there’s nothing to see inside.

This is a breaking story. More information coming soon.

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