The Dodge Grand Caravan, One of the All-Time Greats, Will Finally End Production

The Dodge Grand Caravan, the reigning Road & Track Performance Van of the Year, will soon meet its end. The Financial Post reports that after 13 years, Fiat Chrysler will end Grand Caravan production towards the end of May, before cutting the third shift at its Windsor, Ontario plant in June. We’ll miss it.

We’re serious. It’s easy to deride minivans for their frumpy function-over-form nature, but that’s precisely what makes them great. And the Grand Caravan was a particularly great minivan. Comfortable, practical, and shockingly fast, as evidenced by its victory over the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid and Toyota Sienna at PVOTY.

Much of the photography produced by this publication in the last was supported by a number of Grand Caravans picked up from rental-car lots. And we’re not alone in our love. JF Musial, owner of automotive video production company Tangent Vector, might be the Grand Caravan’s biggest fan.

“It’s a workhorse that will be remembered for years to come,” Musial told Road & Track. “Our industry has been dependent on the Grand Caravan for over a decade. It’s helped car photographers and videographers capture stunning images on roads and race tracks around the country. It was an over-engineered people mover turned essential production tool for all of us who make other cars look good on camera. I miss it.”

Of course, we’ll still use Grand Caravans as long as you can rent them, but soon, they’ll age out. Fiat Chrysler is replacing the Grand Caravan with the new Chrysler Voyager, a lower-price version of the Pacifica that actually carries a lower base price than the cheapest Grand Caravan. The Voyager should be more modern and better equipped, but it’s not the van we’ve come to love.

On its website, Dodge says the 2020 Grand Caravan won’t be sold in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington. Those residents will have to get their vans from Chrysler.

The Grand Caravan may not always be Performance Van of the Year, but we won’t soon forget it.

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