The BMW Concept i4 Is a Look at BMW's Electric Future

BMW knows the future is electric, which is why it’s invested so heavily into its EV sub-brand, BMW i. The latest creation from the division is this car, the Concept i4. It’s a four-door that BMW calls a Gran Coupe (of course), with pure electric power and a bunch of styling cues we should expect to see on the production version—grille included.

According to BMW, the Concept i4 is powered by a 530-hp electric motor that gets its juice from an 80kWh battery pack. BMW estimates the EPA range to be 270 miles, while 0-62 mph should take four seconds flat and top speed is over 124 mph. There are three drive modes, except, they’re not called drive modes. They’re called experience modes. From BMW’s press release:

Another thing that changes depending on what mode you choose is the sound. Yes, you read that right. Even though it’s an electric car, the i4 Concept makes a sound as you move along—developed with the help of famed composer Hans Zimmer, no less.

The exterior design of the i4 Concept, while radical, is also very BMW. There are thin headlights with four individual DRL outlines, a familiar four-door Gran Coupe silhouette, and L-shaped taillights that look like they came right off the back of an X6. There’s even a Hofmeister kink at the back of each rear window surround. That long, twin-coffin-shaped grille has become a mainstay on the company’s concept cars, it being most recently used on the Concept 4 Coupe that premiered at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year.

The inside looks near-production-ready, with a full dash and center console. New additions to the traditional BMW design include a massive curved display that spans from the driver’s side to the center of the cabin, paired a beautiful rose-gold accented steering wheel.

BMW says production of the i4 will begin in sometime in 2021 at its main factory in Munich, where it plans to invest over $222 million for additional tooling. Obviously, the production car won’t look exactly like the car you see here—but it should look similar. That grille seems like it’s here to stay, so you’re going to have to get used to it.

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