Technology Galore in the New S-Class

Te 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class is loaded with new technology to make your drive come alive.

Just one of the easily switchable instrument clusters available.

…and another

…and another

Rear-seat passengers get their own screens and their own MBUX and they can say “Hey Mercedes” and get their own separate answer.

This is the second-generation of the MBUX system.

Helpful directional arrows pop up in your 3D HUD display.

The new S-Class raises itself up three inches when it detects an imminent side-impact coming in order to send the energy of the crash into the stiffer floorpan instead of the B-pillar.

Rear-wheel steering makes parking is a breeze in the new S-Class.

Rear-seat passengers even get their own air bags. Your face enters from the right.

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