Taxis, e-hailing vehicles, buses still need to display road tax sticker, but will eventually go digital – Loke –

The road tax (lesen kenderaan motor, or LKM) and driver’s licence may have made the move to digital, but the transition doesn’t cover every area as of yet. There will still be applications where a physical copy of both documents are needed, and for this, renewals will have to be carried out at road transport department (JPJ) offices.

According to transport minister Anthony Loke, those who will still need to go to JPJ offices for road tax renewals will be those owning or operating commercial vehicles. He said that these included taxis and ride-hailing vehicles, which will need to continue displaying the road tax sticker for the time being.

Also, those wanting to carry out a vehicle registration number transfer (interchange) will still need to go through the normal counter process. As for driving licences, those with a learner’s driver’s licence (LDL) and a vocational driver’s licence (PSV/GDL/KON) as well as foreign nationals holding a Malaysian driver’s licence or an international driving permit (IDP) will need to have the relevant physical document with them when they are behind the wheel.

Additionally, for those who intend to drive in other countries, take note that you will still need to have a physical copy of your driver’s licence (or an IDP) for this purpose. Loke said that this was “because other countries do not recognise our digital licence. You still have to bring your physical licence if you intend to drive in another country,” he explained.

As to when commercial applications would make the transition to digital licences, Loke gave no specific timeframe but said the move will come eventually. “Subsequent phases will be implemented, and eventually everything will be digitalised, including that for taxis, ride-hailing vehicles and buses. When the land public transport agency (APAD) system is up and can be integrated with the JPJ system, then we will move on to the phase covering such commercial vehicles,” he explained.

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