Tata Nexon EV woes: Car stops abruptly on the road leaving me stranded

The car abruptly stopped at a U-turn in the middle of Hyderabad city.

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Hello Team BHPians.

I had these limited performance mode issues creeping up on my 2 year old Nexon EV Prime and it still gives me jitters. It happened on May-1st 2023 morning and the car abruptly stopped at a U-turn in the middle of HYD city. Even worse, my wife and 5 yr old were also there with me. I was few kms away from the Tata service center and dealer, so turned off and turned ON the ignition and it stopped showing limp mode for few mins and I again stopped abruptly few 10s of feet from the charging station. I pushed it to the charger all alone. Being a holiday the dealership was closed. No service center staff. Car won’t shift from N. Even fast charger was OFF and it was a horror story for me. Left the car at the dealership lot and went back next day when service center staff came back. They did something in the charging port and the car was back charging. Charged it to 40% and went to service center to get the errors checked. They did nothing but clear some errors. They won’t say what they did in detail though. And the same crazy advice saying I need to charge every day for next 10 days and charge to 100% every time etc. Since then I’ve not been able to take the car out even in the city. So damn scared of getting stuck in traffic! It recently occurred even at 93% SOC but I was in my parking lot. Unreliable vehicle.

Here’s what BHPian ferrarirules had to say on the matter:

I will recommend that you take the car to the service station and tell them that limited performance mode is activated before 10%. They need to check the battery.

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