Tata-JTP has been shut down in March 2020

Thanks to the Team-BHP fan (he prefers to remain anonymous) who sent this information in. Heartfelt gratitude for sharing it with other enthusiasts via this page!

Tata-JTP has officially been shut down with effect from March 4, 2020.

I was a part of the JTSV team. Many of us don’t know much about the Tata-Jayem joint venture, which has been permanently shut down with effect from 4th March 2020. Customers of JTP are kept in the dark about this recent development and some were still hopeful of buying extended warranty for their JTP cars which unfortunately they cannot avail at any cost.

Customers of JTP don’t know how difficult it will be to maintain this car as approximately 150 parts are entirely different from the regular Tiago and Tigor. Shockingly, there has been no official announcement from JTSV or Tata Motors yet.

The following email was sent to JTSV employees. We have seen a copy of it.

Dear Colleagues

At the outset let me wish you all and your families a happy festive season of Holi, Gudi Padva in the coming days!

The business environment, particularly in Automobiles has been very challenging and taking its toll on all of us. We had met on 4th December 2019 in town hall communication at our Pune office and communicated the JTSV board decision to shut down JTSV operations with immediate effect and completion of all winding down of material assets and manpower by 4th March 2020. We had informed you that anyone who wished to separate in the period between 4th December 2019 and 4th March 2020 would be paid full salary and performance pay as per compensation structure for that employee. Some of you have availed this facility and taken benefit of the offer. Since today will be the last working day for all of us in JTSV, we would be contacting you individually with the final Settlement and formalities for the separation. Please handover your IT Assets to locational in charge (xxxxxxxx for Pune & Delhi, xxxxxxxxx for Sanand). Some unfinished activities for material assets disposal may require extension of some persons on need basis. For such cases the additional days of working would be considered in the separation package.

I wish to thank you all for bringing so much Joy and Power to this company and the many happy customers of the JTP brand. Once again wishing you all the very best.

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