Tata Harrier Dark Edition: 3,600 km ownership update

I feel that the SUV’s cruise control isn’t the most polished one that I have experienced. The same feature on my Volkswagen Jetta is quite smooth.

BHPian Metallicar recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I took delivery of Harrier XZA+Dark in January. Update at 3600 km.

  • Car handles high speeds very well. By high I mean upwards of 150 kmph too.
  • Avg comes out to be 11-12 in Delhi traffic and 14-15 on highways.
  • Infotainment system and instrument cluster went blank once while I was driving and restarting the car sorted it. Will get it checked on the next service.
  • Got the first service done at 1700 kms and the dealer left a scratch on the black paint. He has promised to sort it in the next service (First service as per the manual is at 1-2 months or 1000-2000 kms).
  • Speakers at volume 3-6 are excellent and loud enough but more than that requires a bit of door damping.
  • No niggles till now. Everything works fine.
  • Keeping the car clean is a very very very difficult task. Black is like a magnet 🙁 But once it’s cleaned then it looks absolutely stunning.
  • Steering is very light at every speed. I am still getting used to it.
  • Braking is sufficient. No issues whatsoever.
  • Air conditioning is too too too good. I mean it chills the cabin so fast and the air is very cold. I have to reduce the fan speed even in a full sunlight driving conditions. It’s mind-blowing.
  • Wireless AA works fine. Only disadvantage is that you can’t input a map location in your phone while AA is working. This has nothing to do with the car but with how AA has been built. Good part is that the voice assistant works really well.
  • Cruise control – I have a Jetta and driving on cruise control is really smooth. Constant speed is maintained. In Harrier too the speed is maintained but I feel that the car is continuously braking and accelerating to maintain that speed. I am able to notice it but I am not sure whether it’s just a feeling or it’s really happening. Back to back drive in Jetta never gives me that feeling.

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