Superformance GT40 ‘Mk1’ for sale

363 cubic inch Ford Performance power goes into an authentic Le Mans recreation

By Sam Sheehan / Sunday, May 30, 2021 / Loading comments

There’s absolutely no guarantee that a non-OEM recreation model will drive anything like the car it’s supposed to represent, but when it comes to Superformance GT40s, few would question the authenticity. Most consider the American-built replicas to be a literal continuation of the original Shelby production run, and the firm’s cars even pick up where they left off with ‘prototype’ P chassis numbers. But thanks to being new builds, not only are they much cheaper than a genuine sixties GT40, they’re also mechanically fresh. Which means they can be driven properly.

And while some would prefer to keep an original wrapped in a cotton wool, others value the ability to enjoy their GT40 out on the road – or, indeed, the track. Offering the same visceral and V8-based thrills as a sixties original, the magic of the car that took it to Ferrari is encapsulated in the new build. This particular car wears a Mk1 body, complete with the nose-mounted dive planes, steeply angled rear spoiler and knock-on wheels wrapped in period-correct Avons. There are numberplate mounts, but we also spot a novice racing sticker, suggesting this car may have done more than just your average track day.

That’s of no issue in a car with a race-grade monocoque and roof section designed to be as close to an exact copy of the original GT40 as possible. Using pressed and galvanized steel, Superformance claims high levels of rigidity, with fully independent suspension and a one-piece composite body ensuring all-round authenticity.

This particular car, a right-hooker first registered for Britain in 2014, is chassis number P2303, is said to feature more than 75 per cent of parts that are interchangeable with an original GT40. It’s an extreme build, too, with much of its features taking from the GT40R, including a four-point roll-cage, electric cut off and the exterior aero pieces already noted. They’re all fully functional – oh, and there’s a Ford Performance motor of 363 cubic inches, or 5.9-litres, in its middle.

The ‘crate’ V8 is quoted in the ad to have 450hp, which in a car that weighs about 1.1 tonnes, gives it about 410hp per tonne – although Superformance quotes 500hp on its website for the same block. Either way, there’s easily enough muscle to get those rear tyres hot – and keep even the handiest of trackday drivers honest. You don’t need to have driven one to understand how serious and extreme GT40s are; anyone who’s watched the GT40 onboards from the Goodwood Revival will know the deal.

It goes without saying that it’s exactly this hairy chested nature that makes the prospect of a red-blooded GT40 so appealing – as is the fact this ready-to-roll car negates the need to join a one-year Superformance waiting list. For someone with £165k spare, there won’t many as epic ways to experience the best of yesterday in full Technicolor. 

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