Skoda Slavia 1.0 TSI & Honda City: Comparison after back to back drives

The Slavia ‘s interiors felt better than the Kushaq’s to me, but nowhere near as good as the City’s.

BHPian abhi_ank recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Drove the Slavia Style 1.0 litre and the City ZX back to back (quite literally, within five minutes of each other). My observations:

  • Though I liked the Slavia more(maybe because of the novelty factor), the City looks very smart as well. The crystalline LED lights and the silver colour make more a very good looking sedan. Quite popular too in Kolkata going by the numbers I see on the road.
  • The City drives like a sedan, and also feels like a sedan on the inside. That you are sitting down is very evident in the City. This makes driving more relaxed and sedate. The Slavia on the other hand feels like an SUV on the inside. That you are sitting and somewhat looking down on the road is quite evident in the Slavia. That makes it a more confident drive in terms of ground clearance et al but it also gives it a weird floating feeling. It also slightly reduces the luxury quotient and the whole sedans are the epitome of comfort thing ( if that makes sense).
  • The City is the better handler of the two within the city. It’s easy to maneuver too, and the visibility inspires more confidence. Also the frontal visibility is the City is a lot better as well. Almost panoramic in the amount of light it lets in. This inspires more confidence. The Slavia’s cabin feels a lot more hemmed in in that sense.
  • The build quality of the Slavia is a lot better. Door thud, flex on the body panel, everything feels top notch in the Slavia. The City is alright, just that the doors feel very light.
  • The City feels very light to drive, almost Suzuki like. This gives you confidence to maneuver it in tight traffic. But this also reduces the finesse and premium quotient IMO.
  • The interiors of the City are better. No two ways about it. The Slavia ‘s interiors felt better than the Kushaq’s to me, but nowhere near as good as the City’s.

Hope this helps people to choose. While I am more inclined towards the Slavia right now, this was nowhere as clear cut as I thought it would be. The City makes a very strong claim to be a better city car. Let’s see which one I go with.

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