Road to recovery: Getting back to driving with an 840 km trip

I took it easy to return to driving – gave myself at least a month more than the recommended post-op cool-off period.

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Please treat this as a combo post, which comprises the following:

My return to the road with an 840 km drive; touches upon some health-related observations and actions

Showcasing some of Tamil Nadu’s beautiful roads, lined with greenery

Real-time update of route 4.1

Return to the road (Hashtag RTR)

Although I resumed work-related travel in late Sep, I took it easy to return to driving – gave myself at least a month more than the recommended post-op cool-off period so as to ensure I was road-ready. An opportunity to break the shackles presented itself and I seized it. Here is a quick summary:

  • Day 1: 1400hrs to 2030hrs Bengaluru to Trichy via Salem, Budansanthai via route 4.1.
  • Days 2,3: Idle
  • Day 4: Trichy to Erode via NH81 and SH84
  • Day 5: Erode to Bengaluru via NH 544 and 44

Pit stops

1. Bengaluru to Trichy – one stop for tea/ light snack at Sai Annapoorna Veg Salem Namakkal Highway.

This place is “manned” by women. There were only four cars there at the time I landed and we were served quickly. The food was satisfactory and the washroom was okay; rating 4 on 5. This place can get quite crowded in the mornings.

2. Trichy to Erode and Erode to Bengaluru – no pit stops.

Health-related observations

I took the journey well. However, I did feel some stiffness just below the left knee – from the place where two veins had been harvested. All I did was to move the leg around a bit and all was well. I snacked light and did not take my medication en route to prevent a potential hypoglycemic condition. However, had a proper meal and my medication post-arrival at my destination.

Real-time update of route 4.1

By the time I hit the Budansanthai exit, it was dark. Although I navigated the sector well, I did wish my car’s lights were a little better. The good part of the route was that except for one small diversion for a culvert, all roads were good, including the track adjoining the Palapalayam Lake. It poured like crazy between Kannanur and Pulivalam but due to less traffic, that sector was well managed. I don’t have any pics of this semi-night drive.

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