Riding a 110cc PowerSport ATV on a closed course: My impressions

The accelerator is tricky to operate. Press it too hard and the ATV will race ahead. Too light, and it won’t move.

BHPian Arsenic recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

PowerSport 110cc ATV Review


  • Solid, tough build quality
  • Excellent at tackling tough terrain
  • Automatic gearing is smooth


  • Acceleration is not linear, and has a mind of its own
  • Not a great corner carver. Tricky to steer
  • Poor fuel economy. This is a petrol ATV, and the marshal stated that it usually gets about 6-7 kmpl

Standard tough ATV styling.

The unit my mum and I tried was finished in red. You’ll notice prominent metallic PowerSport badging on the side. This ATV rides on reasonably fat tires with 4-nut steel wheels, and the transmission lever is placed directly next to the lever. This is a fully automatic transmission, and has Forward, Neutral, and Reverse gears. At the rear, there’s a single brake light, and one exhaust pipe that bellows out quite a bit of smoke upon startup.

The seat is reasonably comfortable and has decent padding. However, no backrest is provided for the pillion (although there is a warning label that advises against carrying passengers, so this probably wasn’t designed for two people). The dash features a digital speedometer, which didn’t appear to be working on our unit. Above and next to that are controls for the headlights, horn, indicators etc., and below the speedo is the keyhole. Beneath the whole console is the fuel filler cap. Material quality is solid and feels appropriate given that this is a vehicle designed to be bashed.

I got to drive 1 round on the ATV (my mum drove throughout most of the course) and here are my impressions:

  • The accelerator is tricky to operate. Press it too hard, and it’ll race ahead. Too light, and the ATV won’t move. Additionally, the accelerator doesn’t have a great delivery curve – far from linear, and it’s almost as if the accelerator has a mind of its own!
  • The brakes aren’t really necessary unless you’re going downhill – just slightly release the accelerator, and the speed drops quickly.
  • Commanding driving position. You sit reasonably high, and visibility is great. That being said, perhaps a small wind deflector or windscreen would have been nice.

A quick shout-out to ATV Rides in Atvan (Lonavala) – the marshal was excellent and took great pictures and videos of my mum and me!

That’s about it. Let me know your thoughts, BHPians!

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