Report: VW Initially Asked to Use Audi’s 5-Cylinder for the Golf R

Yesterday, we heard that the Golf R would come with some surprise that no one is expecting. Today, we’re learning that that surprise is unlikely to be a 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine, but R wanted one.

The report comes from Holland’s Autovisie, which reports that the initial plan for the Mk8 was the engine that currently powers the TT RS and the RS3. Contained within that description, though, is the long and short of the decision not to lend the 5-pot to VW: the RS3.

It would be hard to differentiate the Golf R from the RS3 if they had the same engine and it would be hard to defend the decision to artificially detune it. And although Audi is willing to sell the 5-cylinder to other manufacturers (largely for small-scale track toys), “Manufacturing the five-cylinder is very laborious. This makes it very drastic to increase the volumes,” according to Autovisie.

So we’re still expecting a four-cylinder Golf R and a previous leak indicates that it will make around 330 hp, which is nothing to sniff at even if sniffing didn’t make you a social pariah these days.

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