Replacing my XUV700’s cracked windshield under warranty: Experience

Got the windshield replaced twice, since the new one had scratches on the inside.

BHPian tatrahumvee recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I recently got my car’s windshield replaced under insurance due to a crack during a casual Sunday drive towards the airport. Initially while dropping the car for the replacement SA at India Garage asked me to opt for interior cleaning for the sake of keeping the car clean after the replacement process. I disagreed and told him that it was a part of the replacement process to ensure that the car is well-protected from any dirt or damage. SA didn’t agree initially but later his manager agreed to deliver the car in neat and clean condition. After the replacement was done the car was delivered with dirt marks all over the seats and the dashboard. The car also had the remains of removed stickers from the windshield inside. Upon Reporting this the car was cleaned thoroughly and delivered.

During a weekend drive to Kerala nearly 4-5 days later, I realized that the service centre has scratched the windshield from inside and outside in the process of sticker removal. I didn’t bother calling the service centre and raised a complaint on “with you Hamesha App”, I received a call from the service centre 2 days later and they requested me to visit the Service centre for them to check the issue. I visited the service centre on 5th May and upon inspection, India Garage agreed to replace the windshield again considering the scratches.

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