Radical previews 850hp ‘Project 25’

2022 marks a quarter century of Radical, and there's a very special car coming to celebrate it

By Matt Bird / Monday, 14 November 2022 / Loading comments

You know how it normally goes with new car teasers; the only thing vaguer than the silhouette sketch are the vehicle details. It’s all part of building some hype, of course, but it does make reporting on things quite hard, because there’s so little to talk about.

Not so with the new Radical ‘Project 25’ track car. Yes, the teaser image of a familiar Radical shape leaves something to the imagination, but there are some concrete facts to go on as well. Most interesting of which is the ‘circa 850hp’ (!) that’s coming, courtesy of a twin-turbo V6 tuned by Radical Performance Engines. We’d guess this is the Ford 3.5-litre Ecoboost, which already sees service in the Radical RXC GT3 with 654hp, but that hasn’t been confirmed just yet. Whatever the case, 850hp in the kind of skeletal sports car Radical has become legendary for since 1997 – along with the additional focus that can come from a track-only project – is more than a little exciting.

There’s more, too. Project 25 is described as ‘the culmination of knowledge that Radical Motorsport has amassed through producing world-class racing cars from its UK premises for over a quarter of a century’, which is quite some promise when you think what’s been made over the years. In this regard there’s a little less to go on than the engine, though an evolution of Radical’s spaceframe chassis is said to deliver the ‘outstanding driver engagement and feedback synonymous with the Radical brand’. Again, there have been more than enough exhilarating sports cars made in Peterborough since the 1990s to give that assurance some credence. 

As befits the name, there will be just 25 examples of the Project 25 – the production name will be announced soon – and a few VIP customers have already seen it. Just like Ferrari, you see, Radical has a World Finals for all its customer motorsport clients, and that’s just taken place in Las Vegas. So there might not be many allocations left. Interested parties, those who have all the circuit-only supercars and now want something properly extreme, should speak to their Radical dealer or register their interest at wemakeracers.com . Deliveries are expected before the end of 2023.

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