Pro Bowl NFL Player Turns Heads by Driving 725-HP NASCAR Ford Mustang to Practice

Pro athletes, perhaps better than most anyone else, know how to make an entrance—$20,000 outfits aren’t all that uncommon in NBA arenas and supercars are run-of-the-mill for NFL players. Because of that, Kansas City Chiefs fullback Anthony Sherman was forced to step up his game when arriving at Arrowhead Stadium for offseason practice in a NASCAR Cup-spec Ford Mustang, typically driven by Stewart-Haas Racing’s Clint Bowyer…on a race track.

Sherman, an NFL Pro Bowler in his own right, teamed up with Bowyer, a Kansas native who’s all aboard the Chiefs’ hypetrain spearheaded by star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, for the stunt on Friday. Normally, press and fans look to see what kind of outlandish attire Sherman might turn up in as he’s known for sporting everything from wrestling unitards to leather biker jackets; this time, though, he went with something even more appropriate—a set of Chiefs-themed, cutoff racing coveralls.

When asked by reporters why he chose a NASCAR stock car to pull in for a relatively casual practice, Sherman explained, “We’ve got a lot of young speedsters on this offense…the only way I’m going to keep up is with NASCAR.”

Bowyer’s Mustang is powered by a 358-cubic-inch Roush-Yates V-8 engine making approximately 725 horsepower in top-spec, revving all the way to an ear-shattering 9,000 rpm. With its slick Goodyear tires and oval track-spec aerodynamics, it isn’t necessarily road legal. Luckily, Sherman received a police escort to practice so he didn’t have to worry about any heckling from the local five-oh.

It’s likely safe to say that Sherman now holds the title of sweetest entrance among his NFL compatriots, a pretty big feat considering New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees sometimes shows up in his personal Bugatti Veyron. Either way, this a refreshing sight amidst the sea of Mercedes-Benz G-Wagens and Rolls-Royces.

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