Porsche Teases 2022 Taycan Cross Turismo’s SUV-Inspired Looks

Even though we all knew it was coming, we’re still excited to see the first official photos of the 2022 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo. Until now, we’ve only seen images of the Mission E Cross Turismo concept and spy shots of Cross Turismo mules testing across the globe.

When it finally hits the U.S., the Taycan Cross Turismo will serve as the Taycan electric sedan’s more butch, wagon-bodied counterpart. Adding a little extra practicality to the Taycan model line is great, but one of the few flaws of Porsche’s EV is its heavily sloped roofline that results in limited rear-seat headroom. The Cross Turismo ought to remedy this problem.

Porsche’s photos also reveal the Cross Turismo’s extra ride height relative to the Taycan sedan, as well as the wagon’s roof rails and tough-looking cladding around its wheel arches. All of these bits hint at the fact this Taycan will no doubt be more of a lifestyle vehicle and less of a sports wagon (or über wagen, if you will). Think Audi A6 Allroad or Mercedes E450 All-Terrain. The Cross Turismo will likely offer a range of trims similar to the current Taycan. A 4 or 4S will serve as the base model, with Turbo and Turbo S models coming in at the top of the range. Those latter two trims may ditch the Cross Turismo kit, however, and arrive as more on-road focused Sport Turismo models.

We expect Porsche to take the wraps off of the Taycan Cross Turismo sometime later this year, but the production version likely won’t hit dealerships until the middle of 2022. Expect the Cross Turismo’s driving range to fall a little shy of its sedan sibling due to its extra weight and less efficient aerodynamics. Right now, the most range you can squeeze out of a Taycan is 227 miles, per the Environmental Protection Agency—and you have to spec the Performance Battery Plus option to net that sum, too.

Even though we’re in the dark when it comes to pricing, we can look to the current Panamera range for a hint at the price Porsche may charge for the Taycan Cross Turismo. The delta between Panamera sedans and Panamera Sport Turismo wagon variant is $4,000. Given the extra off-road cred of the Taycan Cross Turismo, we think Porsche will likely charge $5,000 or more to graduate from the Taycan’s sedan body style to its more practical wagon one.

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