Paint defects on my Altroz XZ+: Accident between inspection & delivery?

While cleaning my car after 2 days with a wet cloth, I found that the surface at the right rear wheel arch is very rough. Upon looking carefully at an angle, I could see some 2-3 scratches inside that rough surface.

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Hi BHPians,

I am writing this with my heavy heart. This is regarding our first car in the family. We booked Tata Altroz XZ+ DCA (white) on April 24th in Manickbag Automobiles, Hubli. Being a newbie it was very exciting for all of us. Around last week of May, the executive called me and said the car has arrived at the stockyard and I need to make the payment. I went to showroom and insisted that I need to do a PDI before making the payment. I went along with my friend and checked the vehicle for more than an hour. It seems all fine.

I was told that I would get the delivery by next weekend. I agreed and made the full payment in the next 2 days. Just 2 days before delivery, I was told that RTO website is not working and I need to wait for few more days. Finally after 4 days, I got a call and was told that I could take the delivery on June 6th. I agreed.

I went with my parents and they took 2 hours to give the car delivery. They didn’t give me wearable key band which comes with top-end model of Altroz. Upon asking, they said it’s not that useful and there’s some shortage at their end. With new car in front of me, I let it go. The car seemed fine (or I didn’t get chance to touch and look each part carefully with the delivery guys making it hurry)

While cleaning my car after 2 days with a wet cloth, I found that the surface at the right rear wheel arch is very rough. Upon looking carefully at an angle, I could see some 2-3 scratches inside that rough surface. I came to know immediately that something is fishy. I complained to TATA customer care via email. There is no response (not even acknowledgement mail) at all from TAMO. After 2 days, I CCed Mr. Mehta, head of customer care and sent the mail again. After few minutes, I got a call from my Hubli dealer and she asked what’s the need to write a mail complaint. She asked me to bring the car to showroom.

I took the car to showroom on Saturday. The service center guys, including manager inspected it and said they would fix it. They said they would claim warranty too. Upon asking why it had happened and to my question to seek if they repainted it to make up for the scratch that might be caused by them, they didn’t respond clearly and said this happens during manufacturing itself. Without any choice, I agreed for the fixing work. I took the car next weekend as I needed to go to outstation on that day and I couldn’t keep the car for 2 days.

I went to showroom again yesterday to collect my car. They had fixed the rough surface nicely. I tried to examine other areas as well. Shockingly, other areas felt rough too. That too, on the right side of the car itself and front bumper.

I escalated this and the service guy came and took my car immediately while I was talking to them, saying he would fix this in 10 minutes. I was trying to find manager but he wasn’t there. I went to repair area, there I could see them applying thinner to my car hurrily. He asked me to check it but I could feel it is nowhere near to a decent finish. He tried to send me back giving some silly reasons that it will go away when I wash the car. I insisted that I need to talk to manager and waited in the lobby. After sometime manager arrived and I explained to him everything. I even took him to another new white Altroz standing right beside us to make him realise the difference. He didn’t even bothered to touch that Altroz. He talked to service guys and asked them to do full polish and vanished.

They asked me to sit outside but I refused and stood there itself, making sure that they do the polishing uniformly throughout the car. I was touching each area and asking them to do the polish. I was looking like a stupid for them, running to each corner and inspecting it to make sure that it is covered. After 30 minutes, they made it ready and I drove back to my home.

Sorry for the long post. But this is essential for one to know what’s happened in the background. Still, I am not clear what’s the reason behind this issue in a brand new car. What if my car paint starts to fade after 2-3 years due to such frequent touch-ups? I am clueless and there’s not even a single official statement from Tata Motors.

I need your suggestions. What can be done? If nothing could be done more than this, I am ready to end this here but I am afraid in future it might throw some serious problem.

Here’s what BHPian Raghu M had to say on the matter:

You have the team’s PDI form handy. Did you not do a thorough inspection of the car before making full payment? These are pretty common issues these days. Someone would have driven the car near the yard and tried to cover up a scratch or a dent/s. Please inspect the interiors properly, in case you suspect something, ensure to take it up with TAMO higher ups on emails and do not forget to take pictures/videos of the car and conversations you have with the dealer guys. This is not a big problem, do not worry. Enjoy your new car. Good luck.

Here’s what BHPian Latheesh had to say on the matter:

Looks like your car was damaged at dealers place before the delivery. They did a quick shady fix and delivered it to you. Please check the internal side of each repainted area for any mechanical damage/breakage. Ask them to repaint if you are not happy with the current finish.

Edit: That paint finish looks very bad.

Here’s what BHPian nik0502 had to say on the matter:

One thing you could try is use the paint depth gauge on all the panels and will confirm if the car was painted at dealership. Try visiting any FNG or a good detailer who have the gauge available. Once they confirm any panel has been repainted click a picture and take the matter up with TATA motors.

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