Own a Mini EV at less than Rs 30,000 per month for 1 year!

Mini is offering an assured buyback value of Rs 45,47,500 on the Cooper SE.

Mini has introduced a special finance buyback offer for customers interested in the all-electric Mini Cooper SE. The carmaker is offering a chance to own a Mini EV for 12 months at less than Rs 30,000 per month.

The net invoice value of the Mini Electric after discount is Rs 48,60,000. After adding taxes, insurance and other charges, the total payable comes to Rs 50,59,100.

After a down payment of Rs 5,09,100, the loan amount for a tenure of 12 months will be Rs 45,50,000. For the first 11 months, customers will be charged an EMI of Rs 43,444. They can pay the remaining amount if they wish to retain the car after the 11th month or can return it and avail of an assured buyback value of Rs 45,47,500.

After the 11th month, the amount paid as down payment and EMI comes out to Rs 10,56,647. If you deduct the tax savings on depreciation and EMIs paid, the effective car cost comes out to Rs 3,01,975 or Rs 27,452 per month.

The buyback offer from Mini is aimed at business owners who claim depreciation. These details are for Chandigarh and Punjab regions.

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