Online payment for road tax, driving licence via MyJPJ app in a few months, system still being tested – Loke –

The transport ministry says that online payment for the renewal of the road tax (lesen kenderaan motor, or LKM) and driving licence via the road transport department’s MyJPJ app is set to be introduced in the near future. “We will launch the online payment through the MyJPJ app in a few months,” transport minister Anthony Loke said.

He said the announcement of the online payment system will be made after the completion of its proof of concept implementation. He added that this was to ensure that the system debuts smoothly and without the app crashing due to high traffic, Bernama reports.

Back in April, the department said that nearly three million users had signed up for the app, which is necessary to access the digital versions of the road tax and driving licence. At that juncture, the app only had a display feature for these, with JPJ director-general Datuk Zailani Hashim stating that renewals of licences and road taxes would only begin in the middle of the year.

Of course, the switch to digital hasn’t meant the end of the physical road tax, as the LKM is still being issued. Last week, Loke said the ministry had yet to set a cut-off date for the full transition to the e-LKM, and vehicle owners still have the option of continuing to use the physical road tax. He added that JPJ statistics revealed that only 30% of vehicle owners have opted for the digital road tax so far.

As for the driving licence, motorists have been reminded that the digital version is only valid for use in Malaysia, and those who intend to drive in other countries will still need to have a physical copy of the document (or an IDP) for this purpose, as the digital licence may not be recognised by foreign authorities.

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