Observations: Using regen modes in my Nexon EV Max on a ghat drive

Started my journey back to Wayanad, and climbing back, it took 15% of charge in Eco mode and regen level 1.

BHPian Prasidhi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Went for a ghat section drive from Wayanad to Calicut. Drove in Economy mode, Regen -2 (Regen-3 was too much and hence found Regen-2 useful). Started that section descent at 64% and ended up with 71%. Drive was smooth, and end of the downhill my stats were showing at 81 kw/hr.

To say something positive, had a smooth experience with TATA dealer Rotana Motors in Calicut, wherein they fixed the scuff plates, mud flaps, door visors (I was not given any accessories from by my dealer as they were “out of stock”). Happened to see some deliveries happening there with big fanfare and with good smiling faces. Good to see some TATA dealer who is actually customer oriented.

In Calicut, at my parent’s place I was not able to charge, as once I started charging, the mcbs at home was tripping and cutting of the power. It was too late for the electrician to fix it. Called up Rotana Motors and they told to bring the car next day there where they can do a faster charging. Took the vehicle to Rotana next day morning and immediately charging was started. Saw in Rotana that some arrangements were being made for some meet, checked with them and found that they are having a customer meet in the afternoon,  with people who bought cars from them in the previous three months for a feedback and their MD was meeting them. TATA dealers do this? Happy to see the improvements.

My charging was absolutely free of cost from their side.

Started my journey back to Wayanad, and climbing back, it took 15% of charge. i.e, from Adivaram (base) to Lakkidi (Top). Again, Economy Mode and Regen Level 1. Vehicle cruised and was able to overtake many vehicles with absolute ease.

Reached Mananthavady and charged overnight. Started from Mananthavady next day to Bangalore, used Manathavady – Sulthan Bathery – Gundulpet-Mysore – Mandya – Bangalore Route. Recharged at Mall of Mysore.

Zeon Charging station in Mall of Mysore is becoming popular now a days, a Tigor just finished when I reached, there were two cars, one Nexon and one Kona waiting for me to finish. Luckily I did not have wait time and finished charging in roughly 35 minutes (45% to 95%), had some snacks from MoM.

Entire highway drive in Economy mode, Regen-1, 330 Kms was covered with around 95% usage.

My love towards this vehicle has progressed day by day.  Next trip full in City Mode on same route. Will update this forum.

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