Novitec offers 919hp McLaren Elva upgrade

Roofless, screenless McLaren not exhilarating enough? Novitec to the rescue

By Matt Bird / Tuesday, 21 February 2023 / Loading comments

This is just getting silly now. Though it’s simple enough to see the appeal in a six- or seven-hundred horsepower supercar with a bit of extra get up and go, surely nobody’s ever thought of making the McLaren Elva even faster. Not only does it have 815hp, it was also sold without a roof or a windscreen. The latter became available as an option, but it does rather spoil the speedster aesthetic. There surely can’t be a person out there who needs more of an adrenalin rush than 800+hp (and 1,148kg dry) can provide.

Apparently, there is. Novitec, supercar tuner extraordinaire, has turned its attention to the Elva. The result is probably best described as a V8-powered Lotus 3-Eleven, with lightweight construction and total sensory overload, with 919hp. Which would make a three-tonne SUV fast, let alone a McLaren. Novitec reckons its latest creation – 104hp and 65lb ft more potent than standard – is capable of 0-62mph in 2.8 seconds and 0-124mph four seconds later. This means the Elva will reach 124mph just about half a second after a McLaren F1 gets to 100mph – madness. What must that do to your face? Top speed, if it matters, is more than 205mph.

As with so much of Novitec’s McLaren work, the additional performance comes from the N-Tronic ECU module (altering injection, ignition, and boost) plus a new exhaust. Kitted out with 999 fine gold plating, it reduces back pressure and engine bay temperatures. Novitec is promising ‘even more instantaneous throttle response and breathtaking acceleration over the entire rev range’. But it didn’t stop there. 

Lowering a car and fitting bigger wheels is a sure-fire way to increase visual impact, and that remains true even for something as attention-grabbing as the Elva. The Novitec car sits about 20mm lower on new springs, which it’s suggested even further sharpens the handling, while the Vossen wheels are an inch larger than standard, at 20-inch front and 21-inch rear. Modifying supercars is a risky business but this has turned out well, making the standard Elva look a tad underwheeled by comparison. If buying a car like this is all about making a statement, why not make sure it’s the boldest one possible? There are 72 possible colours for the wheels, too. As per Novitec tradition, it hasn’t released prices for the Elva upgrades, but all the parts, from new cats to wheel spacers, are on the website ready to be enquired about. Those that need their one-of-149 McLarens to stand out just a bit more than the rest know what to do.

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