Nissan’s performance sub-brand ‘Nismo’ to go electric

Nismo-badged EVs will get a bigger powertrain and a specific suspension.

According to a media report, Nissan’s performance division ‘Nismo’, will go electric in the future. Reports suggest that all performance EVs from the Japanese brand will wear a ‘Nismo’ badge and come with a host of upgrades.

The announcement came from Nissan’s chairman of Europe, Guillaume Cartier, who in an interview confirmed that the company is already considering which of its future EVs should wear the Nismo badge. While he didn’t reveal any details of the Nismo-branded electric cars, he did mention that models wearing the sub-brand’s badge will receive their own specific suspension setup, along with a bigger powertrain.

Cartier did talk about the Ariya EV, stating that it already comes with a big battery and high performance, so the Nismo version would need to go higher than the standard.

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