Nissan announces �1 billion EV hub; teases new electric SUV

Nissan has announced a new EV manufacturing hub in Sunderland, UK, called EV36Zero.

Nissan will make an initial investment of £1 billion, along with its partner Envision AESC – a world leader in battery technology. The manufacturing plant in Sunderland (UK) already manufactures the Nissan Leaf, but will soon become the hub for all-electric vehicles from the Japanese brand. Nissan even plans to build a new battery production plant nearby.

The Japanese carmaker is aiming to create the ‘world’s first EV manufacturing ecosystem’, pushing the brand towards carbon neutrality. Initially, the new EV hub will have a capacity of 9GWh, which will be increased to 25GWh by 2030 with an additional £1.8 billion investment at a later stage.

Nissan also announced that of the £1 billion initial investment, £423 million will be used to produce next-generation all-electric vehicles in the UK. Nissan even released a teaser of an all-electric crossover, which will be manufactured in the new EV hub.

The new EV36Zero hub is said to have an annual production capacity of 1 lakh units. The new electric crossover will use the brand’s CMF-EV platform, which also underpins the Nissan Ariya EV and the Renault MeganE.

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