Niggles with my Mahindra XUV700 that I observed in my 3-month ownership

I’ve replaced the spare wheel with a full-size alloy wheel & also got custom mats for my SUV.

BHPian abirnale recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Now since the car is well settled and we both are used to each other, we have started noticing each other’s limitations – the things I have observed in the car that I have started to point out as flaws:

  • The co-passenger seat does not come with height adjustment. Any 6 ft or taller person is sure to touch the ceiling. That’s not just it. The middle row also felt inadequate for tall people. So far it was fine – I tried sitting in the boot with the third row folded, I am 5’7″ and it’s tight for me. I often park the car under trees etc and sit in the boot watching things around or working on my computer. And I noticed this isn’t the same as used to be with Orange Cheetah (XUV5OO).
  • The spare wheel does not come with TPMS Sensor, neither it is a full-size. This is not the dependable tire on the long runs – just too many restrictions to manage. I am upgrading that to a full-size alloy with the proper tire.
  • The ICE has its own mind – it doesn’t like to be rushed. If you crank the car without waiting for the ICE to fully boot, you will see some or the other niggle popping up on the display.
  • The Drive Mode physical button from the dashboard console sometime doesn’t immediately bring up the drive mode selection screen. Takes more button presses / clicks or fun with the XUV menu to use.
  • The AC temperature setting knob almost always never changes the temperature at the first click. From the second click onwards it starts reflecting on the ICE that the temperature is decreasing / increasing by 0.5 Celcius.
  • The TPMS needs some running of the car to accurately show the values of pressure and temperature. So if you were looking to level up first thing in the morning without running the car using your portable inflator, check the inflator reading and not the car’s TPMS readings.
  • The offline maps POI database isn’t the perfectly spelt database. You need to experiment with names to find what you were looking for. If you are used to Google maps, it’s going to be an extra effort. The best is to locate the POI on google maps, take the lat-long and input it on the ICE maps.

Full Size Tire as Spare

As part of the accessories procurement, now I have procured a full-size alloy wheel. Also bought a Yoko G055 SUV tire to go with it. The full-size alloy fits nicely under the car where the spare used to. The tire width is more than the spare tyre. It slightly shows up when looking at it keenly. It doesn’t intrude with normal operations, no GC impact. I will have to see if it affects departure angles but I am sure I will not be that close ever in any terrain to struggle.

The alloy is procured from the dealer and also bought a TPMS sensor to use on it. I will now have to check with ASC if I can see the spare tire pressure / temp on the MID console.

New mats for the car

Working with a contact in Ludhiana, I got the mats custom made:

The fitting is amazingly perfect. The mat sits nice and easy with velcro and has additional noodle mats on top of it to gobble up the first and dust. The third-row seatback and an additional piece to lay on the back of the second row make the base for a perfect mattress for an in-car night out. The flat laid out boot mat now covers all the holes and gaps through which I used to lose items to the floor. The mat base has velcro all around them so they fit on the seat back without moving from their place. I will click a few more pictures of the mat at some other time and post them for readers to see the fitting. This thing cost me about Rs.14,500 excluding shipping.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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