New Ford Bronco concepts for Easter Safari

More parts and accessories to be launched as Ford teams up with aftermarket brands

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, March 31, 2021 / Loading comments

First things first: no, the Ford Bronco still isn’t coming to the UK. Wouldn’t want to mislead you. That said, it’s seldom that an SUV built for the US attracts so much attention – the first news story of the Bronco received more than 300 comments on PH. Therefore, the news that Ford is collaborating with third parties to create more cool stuff for the Bronco seemed worthy of sharing.

For this weekend’s Easter Safari, Ford will exhibit four new Bronco and Bronco Sports. As a group, the intention is to “expand the growth of parts and accessories for customers to personalise their Bronco and Bronco Sport SUVs.” They’ve been built in partnership with RTR Vehicles, ARB 4×4 Accessories and 4 Wheel Parts; the modifications cover pretty much everything, too, with new wheels, body parts, off-road hardware, suspension and drivetrain components. Apparently 200 upgradeable parts wasn’t enough…

The RTR car – that’s RTR as in Vaughn Gittin Junior’s company, the guy who drifts a Mustang – is the silver, four-door Bronco. As well as the enormous 35-inch tyres and Project X light bar, the RTR gets new rock sliders and even a Blizzard Box. Which is one way to make a fridge freezer sound more interesting. It’s based on a Bronco Badlands.

The Black Diamond four-door Bronco by 4 Wheel Parts goes one better than the RTR; or two better, to be accurate, with 37-inch BFGoodrich tyres. It’s a real off-road go getter by the sounds of it, with a winch, heavy duty suspension, even a roof rack with tent. 4 Wheel parts says its aim is to “give our customers innovative products for every type of off-road lifestyle.” They’re so committed to that they build the Bronco Sport here as well.

Spotting the ARB car wins no prizes. Unsurprisingly, it too is aimed at proper 4x4ing, with “essential off-road accessories” fitted like a compressor, jack and, once more, a fridge freezer. Gotta keep the snacks cool in the desert.

Finally, the concept built by Ford themselves might be our favourite. The dark red four door Outer Banks with Sasquatch package “mixes high-tech luxury features with off-road Ford licensed accessories”, and looks very good doing it. Notable additions include the retractable soft top, 40-inch light bar, arch extensions and matt black bonnet – the latter should reduce glare. And you thought it just looked cool.

They’re all fairly brilliant, to be honest, the effort on show in making the Bronco even more desirable clear for all to see. Ford says the new range of parts inspired by these concepts will be available this summer for US customers. And we’ll continue to hope that any kind of Bronco makes its way to the UK…

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