Need Ecosport replacement in 10 lakh budget: Kia Sonet or Tata Nexon

Budget is 8-10 lakhs on road with 90% city driving.

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Hey guys,

Planning to replace my Ecosport, and I have shortlisted the Tata Nexon & Kia Sonet. Budget is 8-10 lakhs on road with 90% city driving.

Could you guys help out with the Sonet usage experience, and help me decide between these two.

On the variant front, is the 1 lakh+ price diff  justified for the HTK, or should I buy the HTE and install a music system.

Thanks for the help.

Here’s what BHPian sassid had to say on the matter:

Just to get the obvious fact out of the way, the Sonet is physically a smaller vehicle outside and more importantly inside. Normally family members tend to frown on such downsizing.

Of the two, the Nexon is the larger vehicle if that’s a consideration.

In terms of usage, the Sonet is quite a capable machine. I run the diesel automatic and it’s well suited for city traffic. It’s compact, powerful and easy to park and returns 13 km per liter of diesel.

Where the Sonet is even more capable is on the highway. Road manners are good, overtakes are easy and the vehicle is a stress free experience. Highway mileage is reputedly in the range of 18 if you drive it sensibly. If you don’t you will get a mileage of 14.5 like me – but you will wind up shattering any previous records that you held for interstate transits.

All the best with your choice.

Here’s what BHPian jasjotbains had to say on the matter:

I was in the same situation as you but after driving the diesel TC, i couldn’t convince myself for an AMT. Both are capable cars and the Sonet is pretty good enough for city runs.l will recommend that you test drive both these highly competent vehicles and then decide which one floats your boat.

Or go with the Sonet.

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