National Security Council calls out MCO Phase 2 summonses WhatsApp viral message as fake news


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The National Security Council (NSC, or Majlis Keselamatan Negara) has called out a viral WhatsApp/SMS warning on the type of summonses issued during the movement control order (MCO) phase two as fake news.

The viral message warns that in phase two of the MCO, which started yesterday and will go on till April 14, motorists will face various type of summonses by the authorities, with no room for negotiation.

Three offences are listed in the message: having more than one person in the vehicle (attracts a RM300 saman), not wearing a face mask when outdoors (RM200 saman) and being caught outdoors past 10pm at night (RM150 saman). These are all incorrect, the NSC says.

However, those who go against the MCO can indeed be issued a compound, after the government gazetted the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases (compounding of offences) (amended) Regulations 2020 on March 27. Those given the power to issue a compound are health ministry officers, police officers with a rank of inspector, and local council officers.

The new gazette limits one’s travel for necessities to 10 km, reiterates the one-person-per-vehicle rule that authorities began to enforce last week, with an exception only given if it is “reasonably necessary” for someone to accompany the driver, or if said driver is seeking healthcare or medical services.

Those on official duty or facilitating any essential services, meanwhile, will be required to produce an authorisation letter from their employer, if requested by an officer. Individuals who need to leave their house for any other “special and particular reason” will need to obtain prior written permission from a police officer at a station nearest to their residence.

The gazette also reduces the number of approved essential services to just 10, including food, water, energy, communications and internet, security and defence, waste and public cleansing management, banking and finance, e-commerce and logistics confined to the provision of the essential services listed.

Note that while the 10 km radius rule seems quite loose (enough in fact for this writer to reach Lot 10 for beef noodles), the gazette also states that we’re are only allowed to go to essential places closest to their residence, so even if you’re headed somewhere within the radius, the cops still have every right to turn you around. Essentially, what it means is stick to your neighbourhood (two more weeks, beef noodles).

In MCO Phase 2, supermarkets, grocers, restaurants providing takeaways and petrol stations are all limited to 8am-8pm operating hours, and the same goes for food delivery services. Public transport operation hours are now from 6am to 10am and 5pm to 10pm daily, while taxis and ride-hailing cars will be permitted to operate from 6am to 10pm.

The NSC is an agency under the PM’s department responsible for managing and co-ordinating the implementation of policies related to the security of the country. On it are the PM, related ministers and the heads of the army and police force.

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