Naran V8 Hyper Coupe Seats Four People And Packs 1,062 Horsepower

Only 49 will be made, and even the name is customizable.

Here’s yet another automotive startup that aims to build an extremely niche, low-volume hyper machine with crazy amounts of power. Say hello to UK-based Naran Automotive and its new car, imaginatively called the Naran. Yes, we sound a bit snarky but that’s because Naran is actually a bit different than other wide-eyed startups these days. And that’s a good thing.

For starters, this car isn’t following the hybrid or all-electric trends we’re seeing from so many other young companies. The Naran packs a gasoline-burning 5.0-liter V8 engine, nestled in front of the driver though it’s back far enough to be considered a front-mid-engine design. Naran Automotive says the engine is a bespoke creation from Racing Dynamics, and with the help of two turbochargers it generates a claimed 1,062 horsepower (781 kilowatts). An all-wheel-drive system sends power front and rear, and with the skinny pedal planted, Naran says the car will hit 60 mph under three seconds and top out over 230 mph.

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Power isn’t the sole focus for Naran, however. The car seeks to offer a GT3-style experience for the driver and passengers, and a motorsport-inspired double-wishbone suspension with adjustable everything is a big part of that. You won’t find electric power steering either – it’s handled by a race-spec hydraulic rack, and carbon ceramic brakes will keep things under control. To that end, the Naran’s aero package generates no less than 3,036 pounds (1,377 kilograms) of downforce. That should also help keep things under control at speed.

All in all, these are big claims for a brand-new startup to make but the company does have some experience to draw from. The lead designer is Jowyn Wong, the same person responsible for the Apollo IE and De Tomaso P72. On the mechanical side, EY3 Engineering is bringing all the parts together and Daniel Mense, who worked on the record-setting Nio EP9, is overseeing everything. Also, the Naran isn’t completely scratch built – the monocoque comes from the BMW 8 Series so if you see familiarity in the design, that’s why.

That’s also why Naran isn’t just building a race car, but something with luxury touches and a wide range of customization. How wide? Naran’s press release doesn’t go into detail, but the company does say each of the 49 production cars will be tailored to the individual tastes of buyers. Included in that will be a bespoke name for each car, which is why it’s presently known as simply Naran.

So yeah, Naran is doing things a bit differently. Among other things, the company already has an actual studio car as opposed to renderings we often see from startups, and plans are in place for an official debut early next year. There’s no mention of price, but if the car achieves all the metrics described here, you know it won’t be cheap.


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