MyCC to monitor PLUS, Touch n Go on RFID rollout – suggests debit/credit card payment and other e-wallets –

The less-than-smooth RFID rollout by PLUS and the subsequent furore by motorists has attracted the attention of the Malaysia Competition Commission (MyCC), which held a discussion with PLUS and Touch n Go (TnG) last week.

MyCC – which stated aim is to implement and enforce the provisions of the Competition Act 2010 and protect the competitive process for the benefit of businesses, consumers and the economy – said that the discussion is for it to have a better understanding on the nature of the matter and the latest progress in relation to the implementation of RFID.

“While it welcomes innovation such as the introduction of RFID in the toll collection system, MyCC believes that the implementation of the system needs to be carried out effectively in order to achieve its objective. MyCC takes cognisance of the plans to ensure a seamless transition to RFID for highway users and the cooperation between PLUS and TnG in the relevant toll collection system,” MyCC said in a statement.

“In light of the increasing complaints by consumers on the issues related to the implementation of RFID across PLUS highways, MyCC also shared its assessment and concerns in the same meeting on the said implementation including enabling access to other payment platforms for the payment of tolls not only via debit or credit cards but also other e-wallet systems,” it added.

MyCC said that it will also focus its efforts in consistently monitoring the development of the RFID implementation in line with its role in championing and promoting the process of competition in the interest of all Malaysians.

“Taking into account the special responsibilities arising from the dominant positions of both enterprises in the relevant markets, MyCC will continue to monitor the situation from time to time and when any competition concern is identified, the Competition Act 2010 will be enforced. Secondly, it is pertinent to remember that innovation-related markets can create uncertainty. Thus, MyCC will work closely with the government to ensure these changes will always serve the consumers’ best interest,” said MyCC CEO Iskandar Ismail.

The situation at North South Highway toll plazas should be back to normal now after the concessionaire apologised for the inconvenience and promised to reactivate 43 SmartTAG lanes at 34 toll plazas.

On the topic of other forms of toll payment, we reported earlier this month that PLUS will soon accept debit and credit card payments. This is a good move – almost everyone has debit/credit cards and those are things that are permanently in the wallet. Card payment would also be convenient because there’s no reloading needed. What do you think of this move?

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