My VW Polo GT develops multiple issues after driving through floods

The Himachal floods and landslides have been devastating. I came out of there just in time to avoid getting stuck.

BHPian prashant316 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Looking at the posts a few days ago of BHPians talking about their Polo GTs that have run 60k plus without issues was about to make me also write about my car. But as luck would have it the post here is about something different.

The Himachal floods and landslides have been devastating. I came out of there just in time to avoid getting stuck. The collateral damage was my car. Near Ambala, the water level on road was just about the top half of the wheel. After crossing that area, I stopped for lunch and when i came back and started the car, i immediately noticed something.

The RPM was moving up and down, ever so slightly. I could sense its not normal. I checked below the car and there was a plastic wrapper that i removed and there was water coming out from below. In a few more minutes of standing the error messages started lighting up and the car started shuddering and the RPM kept going up and down quite badly.

Turned off and on and the only the check engine light remained and the car stopped shuddering. But it was still misfiring. Called the VW service and they said its drivable but take it to the service centre.
I stopped by at Karnal to have it checked and they told me that the O2 sensor would need to be replaced and possibly even the ignition coil. The car was drivable to Noida so i thought i will have it checked there.

These were the issues that came out:

  • A short circuit had occurred that made certain components burn out
  • Replacement of Ignition coil
  • Replacement of Leads
  • Replacement of Spark Plugs
  • Replacement of Fuel Filter. Apparently it has never been changed in its 5 years. Surprising because i thought it was replaced every service.

Even after all this the car was still misfiring and RPM was fluctuating. Left the car there overnight for them to do the cylinder decompression. Lets now see by today evening what comes up.

My car is 5 years old and has done 60000 kms. This is the first and pretty much only fault that has come up. I hope it sorts out soon. So far the above parts have cost me Rs. 25000. The O2 sensor is another about Rs. 15000 if that needs to be replaced.

Fingers are crossed!

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