My Tata Nexon EV battery fails a 2nd time: Major delay in replacement

Unfortunately, within 6 months of that incident, yet another time battery failed.

BHPian GS300 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

A few months back, I had reported here that our Nexon EVs main battery failed, and it had to be replaced.

That time the replacement process did not take much time, it was done within one week, if I recall correctly.

Unfortunately, within 6 months of that incident, yet another time battery failed. It stopped in the middle of the highway with some ‘limited performance mode’ or some such error.

We took it to the dealer and after a day of diagnostics, they said the battery need to be replaced.

But this time the problem is, the car is at the service center for 4 weeks now, and it is not clear when it will be back.

I have tried all possible ways to get information in the last few weeks, but did not get any accurate information – it is always like – “The battery is sent from Tata motors, it has not reached here”, or “they are changing the battery plant, hence there is some delay” or “will call back in 15mins”…etc

I went and talked to the CRM and service-in-charge etc athe SC, but there also, they just reassure that we will get the car within another “two days”, and it has been a week.

Anyways, the summary is that – it appears to me that Tata Motors does not yet have the service infrastructure – supply chain, process, communication process etc – to support the volume of EVs they are selling. The reliability is also questionable.

I wonder if ours is a one-of incident, or are there many owners experiencing battery problems like this.

Here’s what BHPian ferrarirules had to say on the matter:

If the car is in service center for warranty replacement, you should ask the service center for a loaner car or ask them to reimburse cab bills.

To your questions about battery issues, there was another bhpian who posted on his ownership thread for about battery replacement. The process for him was very smooth.

Here’s what BHPian sarathlal had to say on the matter:

My friend is going through similar state now.

Worse part is, although its pretty evident that its due to battery issue (Since we have gone through the entire cycle once), dealer is prepared to make us go through this time consuming process again.

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