My Scorpio-N tyre hits divider & gets completely dislodged from the SUV

Possibly the tyre burst immediately on touching the divider and then the wheel hit the standing divider face first.

BHPian ameyagaje recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Is this a build quality issue or just a “freak incident”..

Hello all,

This happened on 8th December 2022. I was with my family returning home from a one day trip to Alibaug. Just a few meters away from my place, a guy on his scooter over took me form the left and came a little too close due to which i had to steer to the right. Immediately there was a thud and the car fell on its face to the right side. I knew this wasn’t good and i could hear the under body scraping the road.

As I parked the car on the side and got out to see what had happened, I just couldn’t believe what i saw. The front right tyre had burst and completely dislodged (time 5 pm).

This happened as the tyre scraped the divider seen in the image attached. Possibly the tyre burst immediately on touching the divider and then the wheel hit the standing divider face first. I was doing around 20 odd kmph as this is an internal lane and has people moving around.

I opened the “With You Hamesha” app can called the customer service number, they asked me what had happened and sent me a sms to share my exact location (time 5.15 pm). I was told that RSA team will reach out to me to further assist with the towing. But no one called for the next 30 odd mins.

As no one called I reached out to the service manager at the Goregaon workshop who asked me to hold on for a bit as he would be reaching out to someone form the RSA team. Getting impatient, I called the customer care number once again who told me that the RSA team was trying to reach me but my number wasn’t reachable. This was strange as I had also provided them an alternate number.

Note that the direct toll free number (18001027006) for RSA kept asking me to self- register as all their agents were busy, but I never received an sms to do the same.

Finally I received a call from the RSA team who sent me a link on sms to share my location. Then they asked me a few questions related to the incident like how and what had happened.

While they said that, the TAT for a towing van to reach me was 1 hour, I received a call from the towing van in 10 mins around 6.30 pm.

They also told me that the car will be towed the car to the nearest service station which as per my location was Mira Road, instead of my preference to take the car to Goregaon.

A hydraulic towing van was sent instead of a flat bed as my wheel was dislodged and it would have been impossible to get the car on a flat bed.

Car was dropped at Mira Road service center around 8 pm.

The survey by the insurance company has been done and I am now awaiting their approval, my only hope is that everything gets covered.

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