My Mahindra e2o completes 57,000 km: Overall experience so far

With the AC on, the EV gives a range of about 75 km and with no air-conditioning, just about 85 km.

BHPian Rajain recently shared this with other enthusiasts.


Our e2o has been doing its humble city duties. The ODO is now reading 57000 km.

I have to report the following experiences:

  • One time, the gear lever was unable to slot in – it was fixed in about 3 days at the workshop (cost about 8k).
  • One time, the AC was not working – fixed at the workshop the same day – cost about 12k.
  • One time, depreciation of the battery – from 110 kms range to 97 now. Took about 15 days of time to source the part. Cost about 14k.
  • Charging cable – cost 6k or so.
  • Overall service at every 10k km – in about Rs 700-800.
  • Sometimes in a month, it does over 1500-2000 kms also. There are days when it is doing 150 kms plus (charge, keep going, charge again).
  • 3-hour charge gives a full 97 kms range. With AC, it mostly does 75 kms or so and then with no AC, just about 85 and then I have to find a charger.
  • I have 2 chargers – both for regular 15 amp socket and they work fine.
  • On safety, nothing to write home about – fibre body, fragile vehicle.
  • Cabin comfort – really? What’s that?
  • AC – it is okay for Bangalore but keep it in the sun and it cannot cool the car down at all.

Overall – still fine for the local errands and city drive.

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