My Jeep Compass 4×2 Limited: 5 happy ownership years & 50K km update

I’m thinking that from now on, I’d take the SUV to my trusted Bosch workshop where I used to get my Laura & Yeti serviced.

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Quick 5-year update on our Silver Surfer

The car is still running well and continues to serve dutifully. In 5 years, it has just covered a shade over 50k kms with almost 17k kms in the past year in my office commute to and fro to Noida from Gurgaon. It could not cover much distance in the Covid years.

No major maintenance has been required, apart from a battery change (done with Exide Din70 from outside at around 2.5 years) and tyre change to Yokohama E400 a few months back. Regular service of the car typically cost 13-14k, while the 5 years service was more expensive due to the Timing Kit change and cost around 30k as I also got AC service done.

Car is now out of extended warranty and I am considering whether to continue with Jeep service centres or go with my trusted Bosch service centre, where I used to get my Laura and Yeti serviced.

Still quite happy with the car and since my office commute is around 100kms every day (taking a min of 3.5 hours) I am happy that I am getting an overall mileage of 16.5 kmpl in mixed usage (On highways I can get as high as 21-22kmpl).

Overall quite happy with the car and I intend to keep it for another 3-4 years and continue to enjoy the driving dynamics of the car.

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