My Honda City CVT: Ownership experience & issues faced over 10000 kms

Fuel efficiency n city is 8-9 kmpl even you drive nicely. I expected atleast 10-11 kmpl.

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Update after 10000 kms, 3rd service, niggles and resolutions:

Finally done 10000 kms on Honda city CVT, completed third service yesterday.

Problems faced in one year of ownership:

  • Left tyre sidewall damage due to pothole – I am using Michelin primacy 4ST. After one month of usage due to low lighting car hit a pot hole at 80-90 kmph and next thing i heard was hissing sound from left front tyre. Changed to spare tyre and continued journey, luckily no mishaps. Visited the Michelin store and as per expectation no warranty or good will considered. Total damage to the pocket Rs. 9500 plus wheel balancing.
  • Sound from front windshield glass – I have mentioned it previously on this forum and it was fixed with double tape and it’s holding up pretty well
  • Panel gap near right front door – On 31st December we were planning for party and my friend was standing against the right side panel in front of door, I tried to open door and felt some obstruction and suddenly panel bent inside. Showed to ASC, they fixed it but some gap still remains. They acknowledged that panel is very thin sir be careful next time before you put weight.
  • Dash cam – Had purchased DDPI mini from Amazon at Rs. 3500 plus memory card Rs. 1200 and used it for one month or so but app is so buggy that eventually got fed up and removed it and kept it in glove box. Planning to give it another try in near future.
  • Scratches and dents- Its my daily use car so as expected over one year car has accumulated many small scratches and one big scratches on left side door. ASC was ready to change door under insurance but I don’t want colour mismatch on my car at present and want to preserve original paint.
  • Ceramic coat- Got great offer from my local mechanic and got ceramic done for 7500 Rs with one year warranty. Swirl marks and minor scratches have gone completely only door dent is remaining.
  • Steering vibrations- Started to get steering vibrations at 6500 kms and got checked with ASC, after two long test drives they acknowledged and agreed to change right front shocks. During third service they changed right front shocks. Did wheel balancing and alignment after changing shocks and no more vibrations.

Till now my experience with ASC is very good, they acknowledge the problems when reported and promptly do the work. Third service with oil change and shocks change plus door panel alignment costed 4037 Rs. Changed my insurance to Bajaj Allianz from Honda Assure, it costed Rs. 25000.


  • Love the way car looks from side and front, seat comfort and space is best in class. Response from ASC is good. Long drives are less tiresome and family loves back seat.


  • Soft suspension gives wobbly feeling when driven above 120 kmph on highways.
  • Build quality is not very great, i know many will raise eyebrows as its a safe car but door panels and at few places metal is very thin. Car rattles when driven on bad roads.
  • Mileage in city is 8-9 kmpl even you drive nicely, expected atleast 10-11 kmpl.
  • Headlights and fog lamps are not adequate on ill lit highways, planning to upgrade Fogs in due course.

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