My Altroz DCA at 4300km: Real time fuel efficiency & other observations

The highway runs are not the Altroz’s forte, but strangely enough the car returns decent fuel efficiency even when pushed hard

BHPian W.A.G.7 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

So, a couple of pictures here. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Starting with the fuel efficiency. The highway runs are not the Altroz’s forte, but strangely enough the car returns decent fuel efficiency even when pushed hard! And funnily enough, its area of expertise is city traffic, where it returns a comparitively lower 11-12 kmpl (for a hatchback). I would have expected 13-15 in the city and slightly higher than 18-19 on the highways. But… the DCA gearbox more than makes up for lower fuel efficiency! Oh, the irony!

Here is an example run from Pune to Satara (~110 kms) done over on Saturday:

Continuing with the above, here is the combined fuel efficiency of Pune+Satara city driving and highway run (both to and fro). Just for the record, I returned today morning. We used the car on the weekend in Satara. Another thing to note is the TPMS warning. Guess, I spoke too soon in the previous post. This one showed up today while coming back. I stopped and checked all tires at Shirwal, but all of them were in perfect condition. I think it may have to be reset, but if it shows up again, then I think we can attribute it to the tire where the valve was changed and redirect an investigation into that:

One of the best looking angles. One wash and the paint shines through. Looks really beautiful:

This is another angle that I really love looking at. It looks beautiful:

Front view:

A close look at the swirls on the piano black finish. While they are not visible much from a distance, every wash and dry cycles seems to aggravate the situation:

Another thing that we noticed is that the Tata logo on the alloys, has faded. Or rather the plastic cover on the logo has faded. There’s brake dust as well, but still the logo looks rather dull. And yes, there’s a sticker as well! They didn’t forget the alloys too, from stickering them up:

On the story of stickers, here’s the VIN number pasted inside the driver side door. Can you imagine how much paper must have been wasted just to print all these stickers?!! And that too for all the Altroz’s running around in the wild:

A close up of the logo on the steering wheel. The centre pad is made up of hard plastic:

A close up of the chunky flat bottom steering wheel. It is a delight to hold:

The left volume and phone control buttons. They work well and have a good tactile feedback. My only nitpick here would be – when you press any of the surrounding 4 buttons, the entire island moves. Its basically a small button in the centre surrounded by a plastic plate:

And the cruise control buttons on the right. Similar to the previous, but we hardly get to use the cruise control feature. It worked really well the last 2-3 times we managed to use it. Possibly a trip on the Samrudhhi Expressway would do justice to this feature:

Another nitpick is with the bonnet release button. Looking at the button from the driver’s seat, you tend to pull it “up” towards yourself. In reality, it has to be pulled in a “downward” manner. Otherwise the bonnet doesn’t open up:

The now redundant toll ticket holder, not getting used due to the Fastag:

A close look at the seat pattern and cover. The seats have held up very well, and we haven’t yet put any seat covers:

A close look at the centre console buttons once again. Great tactile feedback and do the job really well. We are not fans of touch screen buttons. Notice the round dummy button – someone had pointed this out in the Dark edition thread of Harrier/Safari. Maybe its for an older 3.5mm jack?

A look at the right side of the steering. The blanks look terrible, but our car has only one button for the fog lamps. I wonder what else would there be, here in the higher XZ+ DCA variant:

A look at the footwell. The dead pedal is sufficiently wide – not too big and not too small either. The other two pedals have sufficient space between them:

So these are the updates as of today. The odometer is at 4324kms as shown in the photos. The Altroz will return to its daily duties in the next week, till then it is rest time for the car. I will share some more updates in the coming weeks.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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