My 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa completes 1000km: Observations post 1st service

The handling is incredible! The way this 266 kg long-wheelbase bike falls into a corner evokes disbelief.

BHPian GoBlue recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

In continuation, the motorcycle is doing well. It’s had the first service, completed around 1K on the ODO. As the ATAS is my primary bike for longer distances, the Busa is ridden relatively less. Which is how it shall always be.

To add to the first impressions, have some detailed observations a bit deeper into ownership:

  • “A” mode is manic. The analogue needles go from left to right in no time. For an engine of this displacement, the speed at which it revvs is spectacular. The refinement is exquisite. The way the intake growls at higher RPMs is terrifying. B mode is better for regular riding, A mode can be used on patches of road where the power (delivery) can be safely experienced. C mode is best suited to save the tires.
  • The handling is incredible! The way this 266 kg long-wheelbase bike falls into a corner evokes disbelief. There’s no significant counter-steering force needed to get it to fall in. The feeling of absolute confidence when leaned over is a special experience.
  • The frame heated up to unbearable levels during the crazy summer that the country went through. This is not a bike to be riding around in shorts! Moreover, this is not a bike to be riding around in B2B traffic. Even during early morning rides (despite starting early to escape the traffic), the situation in Pune was such that there were pockets of traffic on the highways due to some of the other road work. The heat was literally burning through riding gear. This specific “character” is almost like a machine of Italian origins.
  • The coolant temperature NEVER goes above the halfway mark, even when stuck in B2B traffic at 44-degrees ambient temperature.
  • Suzuki should have given angled valve stems at this price point, sticking the air hose in is a pain.
  • While the Brembo Stylema brakes are excellent, they could have also fitted a span-ratio adjustable Brembo lever.
  • The suspension is a work of art. The way it manages to feel plush on broken roads and confidence-inspiring in corners is special.

Sharing some pics.

The quality of the paint finish and the way the panels are put together is very good.

This Matt Silver paint shade is gorgeous to look at in different light conditions.

With BHPian TheCelestial’s steed. Notice the relative differences in the clip-on’s position. The Busa is more relaxed than the litre super-sport class.

With another BHPian’s VFR1200. Both bikes are amongst the best that the Japanese could offer in their respective genres. Implemented in totally different approaches.

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