Moving to another city: Sell bike or re-register it

I own a Honda CB350 H’ness bought in June 2020 with 5500kms under the clock. Due to a job opportunity I have to move to Bangalore for few years.

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Hello Bhpians. I own a Honda CB350 H’ness bought in June 2020 with 5500kms under the clock. It’s running perfectly. Due to a job opportunity I have to move to Bangalore for few years. I am definitely going to need a vehicle in Bangalore so would like to take my bike with me. But from what I have read is that I can only use my bike for few months before I will have re-register it in Karnataka which is going to cost a substantial amount. Also I found that it’s very difficult to get refund for road tax from my current state. I don’t want to heckled by the cops in Bangalore on frequent basis for out of state registration number. So either I sell my bike and buy a new one in Bangalore or move the current one to Bangalore and go through re-registration process and then sell it there in few years. Both options have pros and cons. What are your thoughts on this?

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Your bike is too new to be sold and to lose that differential price, on top of which you will have to spend on another bike once you move.

Suggest to bring it over. Check for options to pay annual tax. If you find it difficult to do that yourself, Bangalore members can give you contacts of people who can do it for you.

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Have been living here with a TN registered bike for about 8 months so can understand your query.

Official rules allow 11 month period before legally you need to get the registration done. I got the bike transferred via train (parcel) so I have an official ‘parchi’ (/paper) that serves as a proof of the bike being brought into the city recently. Have been stopped twice by cops for different reasons (pillion not wearing helmet, taking a left on a red signal) and both times I was penalized only for that offense. I even showed them my bike documents (having TN details) and there wasn’t any questions on the out-of-state number plate.

No plans of transferring the registration as of now (3 year old bike) till the year ends. Also I keep traveling (on it) to Chennai and back so that might be a breather (legally) for me going forward.

My recommendation – get the bike over and use it for about a year. Carry documentation that covers your date of entry (for the vehicle) and you should be safe atleast for a year.

Here’s what BHPian ghodlur had to say on the matter:

I dont think it is possible to pay annual road tax, that happens only after the vehicle undergoes re-registration i.e 15 yrs. I maybe wrong here.

I think the outstation registered vehicles being an easy target was in the days of the past, these days that’s not an issue after a much hullaboo about the same couple of years back.

Getting a road tax refund from home state is a pain. Alternatively you could move out of KA for 15 days or more after the 11 months time frame and then come back with all proof (read PUC, toll receipts of home state) and continue for next 11 months as if you entered recently. This is a loophole taken to advantage by many.

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