Miscreants assault a BHPian & damage his car

Thanks to BHPian Thilak29 for sharing his ordeal with other enthusiasts.

On March 2, 2020, Thilak29 was stopped by two miscreants while driving his Ford Figo home from work. This incident took place near Hoodi, en route Ayyappa Nagar in Bangalore.

They broke the car’s rear view mirror and went away. However, they came back and stopped at the next intersection. One of them went to a puncture shop and came out with a tool. Thilak29 was assaulted and the car damaged as well. The miscreants tried to camp away with his laptop, mobile and car keys.

Thanks to his dashcam, the incident has been captured and proof has been submitted to the authorities. Based on this, an FIR has been lodged and collected by the BHPian on March 3, 2020.

Thilak29 still has injuries on his chest and elbow and his car has now been sent to the Ford service center for repairs.

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