MCO: Waze data reveals stunning drop in road traffic

With the movement control order (MCO) in place, it’s not surprising to know that there are significantly less cars on the road. But have you ever wondered just how significant the reduction is like?

According to data collected by Waze, Malaysian users are driving 80% fewer kilometres during this MCO period compared to the daily average in February (based on a two-week period from February 11 to 25). In contrast, Waze users globally are driving 60% fewer kilometres in the same two-week period.

Based on the graph below, a huge spike was observed on March 17 (a day before the first phase of the MCO came into effect) as people journeyed home. Some also drove out to stock up on essentials. On March 18, the graph nosedived, showing that Waze users have at least halved their travelling distance.

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Over the ensuing days, the percentage quickly dropped to 80% before plateauing around 80% to 90%. In Italy, one of the worst hit countries ravaged by the Covid-19 disease, has caused driving to drop by over 90%.

In doing its bid to help, Waze has activated its community and network of partners across its Volunteer Communities, Waze for Cities programmes, and more, to support crisis response. Waze also launched a Covid-19 Landing Page, urging governments around toe world to contribute data on medical testing centres and emergency food distribution centres to help improve its maps for users.

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