McLaren MSO BC-03 Sabre Supercar Revealed in Japanese Images

McLaren is a very busy automaker, whipping up both series and special variants of its various car lines with dizzying frequency. We just heard that the newest “entry-level” McLaren, sporting a new hybrid V-6 powertrain, will be called the Artura—and it’s likely to spawn a broad family of “regular production” and special variants, just like its Sports Series predecessor. On the other end of the spectrum is the McLaren BC-03 Sabre, a limited run (possibly very limited) of a much more exclusive supercar from the company’s MSO division, according to various reports. And we also have some images filed with Japan’s intellectual property office, spotted by

Earlier this year, some renders showed up on Instagram showing the car in great detail. The details in these renders closely match what’s shown in the purported IP images, although some of the angles are slightly different. The IP images also closely match some spy shots featured on another Instagram account (both via The Drive). All sport the distinctive, prominent rear wing. It seems like not much is left to the imagination about what the Sabre will look like.

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Further information is the stuff of rumor, so grain of salt and all that, but those who have seen the camouflaged prototypes and talked with their minders claim that the Sabre will basically use a McLaren Senna’s powerful twin-turbo V-8 engine with the addition of a hybrid system, with north of 1,000 hp.

The number of Sabres that McLaren will produce varies—some say 5, some say 15, or it could be a one-off. We do know that the BC-03 name stands for “Bespoke Commission”—crafted by MSO, apparently for the supercar collector known as dan_i_am on Instagram. We also understand it takes some inspiration from McLaren’s Vision GT concept, although as the images above reveal it’s no direct copy. McLaren has acknowledged the project, and we’ve reached out to McLaren. If they share any details with us we’ll let you know.

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