Manhart GR 550 takes Supra to new heights

Tuning firm's top-level demo gets new turbo and exhaust system. And gold paint

By Sam Sheehan / Friday, December 4, 2020

Toyota’s return to form in the world of enthusiast machinery has rightfully seen its models receive attention from the aftermarket, and the use of B58 power in the Supra means the GR coupe is an easy target for the likes of Manhart. The German brand has plenty of experience with the motor in BMWs, so it’s applied the same knowledge to the Toyota’s turbocharged 3.0-litre six to extract 550hp and 568lb ft of torque. Naturally, it’s seen fit to modify the car’s exterior, too, creating the GR 550 demo you see here.

For obvious reasons, we’re most interested in the under-bonnet work. It includes fitment of a TTE 685 turbocharger, a Wagner Tuning radiator and stainless-steel exhaust system bearing a freer-flowing 200-cell catalytic converter. Combined with Manhart’s in-house engine management software, the motor is 210hp and 199lb ft more potent than standard, and it’s more vocal, too. The setup does, however, keep the original ZF eight-speed auto and the Toyota’s factory-fit electronically controlled limited-slip differential.

We’re not given performance stats (or prices, yet), but expect Manhart’s machine to be easily capable of a sub four-second 0-62mph time and, with its new software, be able to go well beyond the standard machine’s 155mph limiter. The tuning firm’s seen fit to alter the chassis with 20-inch wheels that it describes as “perfect” for the job. We’ll leave you to decide whether the rims – and the gold paintjob, for that matter – are of popular taste. Same goes for the splitter and side skirts.

Manhart’s Supra GR 550 is more a demonstration of the available components than a complete car for sale, so it’s likely that most customers will cherry pick their favourite bits to buy, rather than request a full rolling copy. We quite like the idea of a standard-looking machine running with the German brand’s engine modifications, which actually come in several stages – this GR 550 being the top dog of the current pile. The firm offers less extreme upgrades for a 450hp output, as well as a long list of chassis and suspension mods to tighten up the handling. The Supra’s certainly catered for; how long until the new GR Yaris joins the ranks?

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