KW launches V5 coilovers for Carrera GT

First new tyres improved Porsche's icon; now KW reckons its dampers can make it better still – for a price

By Matt Bird / Friday, 10 February 2023 / Loading comments

Ask the average enthusiast what they’d improve about the Carrera GT and it wouldn’t be much. It’s one of Porsche’s best designs, powered by a V10 with roots in F1, only ever offered with a manual gearbox. Maybe a few more colours would be nice, but as evidence of what could be achieved in perhaps peak supercar era, the CGT stands proud.

Only that era, the start of the 2000s when Pagani and Koenigsegg were establishing themselves alongside the household names, is now 20 years ago. A lot has changed since then; some of it very good, some less so. KW has used two decades of suspension experience to offer new dampers for the Carrera GT, called the V5.

It has previously offered upgrades, the old Clubsport coilover kit using 911 GT3 engineering. Now the V5 borrows innovations from the 992 GT3 R, and that sounds better. Specifically, it means using solid piston technology as opposed to a monotube or twin-tube dampers. The tech is a little beyond our Luddite grasp, but KW says that it results in a more compact and effective damper, one that requires less spring rate as well – which all sound like good things.

For those with a more intimate understanding of dampers, we’ll refer you to KW’s press release: ‘In contrast to other shock absorber designs, there are no overflowed pistons in the KW solid piston technology. The piston is closed and the entire hydraulic or volume column above and below the piston is displaced. This compact design enlarges the hydraulic working and effective range of the vibration damper.’ Make sense?

Perhaps the most valuable trick of this new suspension, though, is the hydraulic lift option that can lift both axles by 45mm at the push of a button. Basically a CGT Dakar with that kind of ride height, and especially handy for those mad/brave enough to use a carbon-clutched supercar around town.

There’s far more to the V5 upgrade than a lift, however – these coilovers ought to make the sublime V10 Porsche even better to drive. KW suggests the advances made in damper tech since the early 2000s are comparable with the gains made in mobile phone tech; a Galaxy S23 Ultra is technically still a phone like a Sony Ericsson K500 was, only capable of far more. “The entire KW V5 coilover design is made for more sensitive damping and fast feedback due to short spring travels”, said KW’s Brand Manager Florian Johann.

Apparently the new suspension delivers a more harmonious drive straight out of the box than standard, with no setup tweaks. It’s adjustable in high- and low-speed compression as well as rebound, though, with recommended settings in the 14 positions for road and track. KW also believes it’s the best of both worlds (as well it might), offering a more relaxed experience when required as well as a more dynamic drive when the time is right. ‘The entire steering becomes more precise, the handling is more direct and the behaviour feels safer’, apparently. It sounds like a pretty spectacular Carrera GT, by all accounts, given the esteem in which it was already held.

The KW V5 kit is available to Carrera GT customers now; on KW’s UK site, it lists at £18,256 including the hydraulic lift element and the VAT, but not fitting. Still, hardly like anything for a CGT is going to come cheap now, right – it’s bonafide million-dollar exotica. Sounds like those who really want to make the most of Porsche’s best know what they need to do. Don’t believe us? Over to Nick Heidfeld…

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