KPKT proposed guidelines on EV charging plans to ban chargers in strata unit parking and basements? –

PLAN Malaysia, an agency under the Ministry of Local Government Development (KPKT) are currently developing guidelines for EV charger parking in Malaysia.

A draft of the guidelines is currently published on Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC)’s Unified Public Consultation (UPC) website for public feedback. The guidelines reveals a couple of interesting facts that could completely change the EV charging landscape in Malaysia.

Two big things stand out in the document – the disallowance of EV charging parking lots in basement parking, and the disallowance of the same in individual parking lots in strata unit parking.

Both appear to be driven by requirements by the fire and rescue department (JBPM) for access of firefighting vehicles to the EV charger parking due to fears of electric car fires occurring during charging.

For public charging, the proposed guidelines say you can only build EV charger parking at ground level. Basement chargers will not be allowed, so this raises questions on what’s going to happen to chargers like Gentari’s Suria KLCC chargers. It appears the only non-ground level charging in malls that will be allowed are open air rooftop levels.

For strata property chargers, this will cause a big issue with condo dwellers. Chargers at individual parking lots will no longer be allowed. Instead, the proposed guidelines say EV chargers in condos can only be built at visitor parking with easy access by the fire and rescue department.

We previously wrote that a ‘right to charge’ law should be implemented in Malaysia to ease the process of individuals living in condos wanting to install charging equipment at their own condo parking. It appears that with these proposed guidelines, KPKT is going the opposite direction, wanting to ban it altogether.

If you disagree with these guidelines, the deadline for submitting feedback is tomorrow. Click here to visit the MPC UPC page for the proposed guidelines.

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