Kia Sonet GTX+ diesel MT: Initial impressions, fuel efficiency & more

I was somehow very clear that I wanted a diesel with manual transmission. I don’t prefer automatic cars.

BHPian muglikar recently shred this with other enthusiasts.

I got home my Kia Sonet GTX+ 1.5 manual transmission diesel two days back and I want to share my detailed review of the same.


I used to own a Hyundai Grand i10 Sportz till Feb 2020 and used it for about 7 years and absolutely loved it. That was my first car so maybe I am biased towards the performance. My wife had started using the car in its last few months as she was planning to buy her own soon. In Feb 2020, we gave it in exchange and wife got a Baleno for her. I was to upgrade my car pretty soon but then lockdown hit all of us. Since then, my wife started working from home hence the Baleno remained with me. I was waiting for the right time to go for a new car but had no “good reason” and then normal offices started off. Wife needed the car and now I had the opportunity.

I stay in Pune and work in corporate legal field and have to make weekly trips to Mumbai for my matters in the court and that ways I travel a lot otherwise too. We have farms near Bidar and I have to make frequent visits there as well. So mileage was a very important criteria for me. Looks, colour, etc were all secondary. The vehicle had to have airbags, high fuel efficiency, and comfortable to drive.

Option Hunting:

Now my wife wanted me to upgrade to a very “good car” in terms of looks etc. so it looks smart when I travel around with my clients. Frankly it may sound really weird but I did not have any budget at all. In the sense I could choose anything between 10 to 25 lakhs. But being from a typical middle class family, I did not want to spend “too much” as well. Wife however had a point where she wanted me to “upgrade” to a very very decent looking SUV/sedan.

So we set about checking all of the options. We checked the Slavia, Creta, Kushaq, Taigun, Seltos, Sonet, Thar, MG Astor and I literally took test drive of all these vehicles. However I was somehow very clear that I wanted a diesel manual. Personally I don’t prefer automatic cars, my bhabhi has one and I occasionally drive it if I don’t have an option, have a Celerio in the family and that is used by me only in case I don’t have an option. I somehow prefer the old school manuals.

What I learnt from visiting every showroom and testing every car that was available, it ultimately boils down to “what you want”. Somehow I was pretty clear about it this time around and after driving a small Hyundai for 7 years.

Because of the “diesel” preference, half the cars were knocked off and finally we decided to book the MG Astor (petrol, wife’s choice so couldn’t say no)and Kia Sonet Diesel MT GTX+. This happened on April 19.

I anyway did not want the MG Astor and one fine day I received a mail saying there is a price hike. Used this to cancel the booking and get the refund. Meanwhile I was asking the dealer about my Sonet. and so it happened. Someone couldn’t arrange the finance and dealer gave me an option to pickup the Sparkling Silver option. Although I had booked red colour, but then again i don’t usually pay much heed to all these things so I said fine and accepted.

Next day I made the payment and decided the delivery date as 22nd June. Before doing so, I visited the dealership to check out various available accessories. Did not take anything that was chrome. Took essentials like mud flaps etc. I have a 15 month old son so thought he might enjoy the CocoMelon videos while driving, so booked a rear entertainment system for about INR 44000. It is yet to come. Dealership says may take about 10 days. Will post an update once it gets fitted.

Delivery experience was great. I have read a lot of bad reviews about those but for me it was good. The vehicle was ready as per the promise.

Next day it was my parents marriage anniversary so decided to take them to Mahad Ashtavinayk Darshan which is a short drive from Pune.

Fuel efficiency: 21.9 KM/L. Total Kms 158.1 Kms.

Next day I had a hearing in Mumbai so took the car. Light city traffic in the morning in Pune, Expressway and then bumper to bumper trafiic in Mumbai ,While coming back there was light traffic in Pune. I was able to achieve 23.7 Km/L and covered 302 Kms.

I always drive between 85-95 kmph, always soft on the pedal.

I hope to share more regarding my travels soon.


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