JPJ says supply of Malaysian driving licences and road tax sufficient to meet all renewal needs until Dec 31-

The road transport department (JPJ) has announced that it has sufficient stock of driving licenses and road tax (LKM) to meet the renewal needs of all customers for the period until December 31. In a statement, the department said that the availability did not just cover that for its own use at its branches, but also that of its strategic partners, namely MyEG, Pos Malaysia and Puspakom.

It said that in August, it supplied a sufficient quantity of road tax slips and driving licence blanks to MyEG, Pos Malaysia and Puspakom. It distributed 450,000 motorcar and 8,400 motorcycle road tax slips and 6,600 driving licenses to MyEG, while Pos Malaysia received 385,000 motorcar and 287,999 motorcycle road tax slips and 300,000 driving licenses. Meanwhile, Puspakom was supplied with 5,500 road tax slips.

As of yesterday, September 14, the balance stock of these documents at the three service providers were still at sufficient levels. The department said that MyEG had 100,827 motorcar and 10,843 motorcycle road tax slips as well as 26,648 driving licence renewal blanks, while Pos Malaysia had 365,518 motorcar and 142,871 motorcycle road tax slips and 789,274 driving licences available at all its outlets nationwide. As for Puspakom, it had 11,950 motorcar road tax slips.

The department assured the public that stocks of these documents were more than sufficient for people to go about renewing their road tax and driving licences before the grace period for expired road tax and driving licenses ends on December 31.

Previously, the government had said that the leeway would end on September 30, but after concerns arose among the public over the problem of renewing these documents, the ministry of transport issued a statement saying that it would be extending the deadline until the end of the year.

On September 6, JPJ service counters went back to 100% capacity and allowed walk-ins for renewals. On the same day, Pos Malaysia also began accepting walk-ins for renewals.

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