JPJ says it has no TikTok account selling vehicle registration numbers, and that @jpjebidofficial is fake –

The road transport department (JPJ) has addressed the issue regarding the sale of registration numbers and the use of the JPJeBID logo through a supposedly official account on the TikTok platform, stating that the social media account in question is fake.

In a post on its official Facebook page, the department said it does not have a TikTok account named @jpjebidofficial, and that it does not issue any flyers or leaflets regarding the sale of registration numbers as presented via that account.

“Using the official logo of the department without permission is an offense and the department will not hesitate to take strict action against any individual who misuses the official logo of the department,” it said.

It advised the public not to believe such advertisements and to contact the nearest JPJ office to obtain more accurate information, should that be required.

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