Images: Putting VW Virtus & Vento side-by-side for pictorial comparison

VW’s new sedan is an upgrade from the Vento in terms of looks, feel & dimensions.

BHPian raycers_honda recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

The Virtus versus Vento – a pictorial comparison.

Yes, you can look at this as an upgrade to the Vento but keep in mind that in terms of fit and finish it is a bit of a downgrade. Not by leaps and bounds but by just a bit.

It’s an upgrade in terms of look and feel and in terms of size. After sitting in the Virtus and then immediately sitting in the Vento you can really feel the age difference.

The Vento feels well built and sturdy. Even the body panels a tougher thud sound when you knock on the panels.

Will put up a video of the comparison soon.

Although the Vento here is a 1.6 petrol MT, the Virtus 1.0 MT does feel more powerful. It is only when going on a slope you feel it is underpowered. But that is if you are slow in speed and then hit the slope then you need to drop to a lower gear.

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